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Volusia County Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you have been accused of a Volusia County traffic violation Do Not Pay That Ticket without speaking to Volusia County traffic ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts. Paying a traffic ticket can have serious collateral consequences including: increased insurance rates, points on your license, points suspension, 5 year habitual traffic offender suspension and increased insurance rates for years. Often times paying a ticket is much more expensive than fighting it. A Volusia County traffic attorney can help keep points off your license, challenge the evidence in your case, negotiate for reduced fines, if fines cannot be avoided get you additional time to pay, avoid insurance increases and habitual offender status in most cases. The cost of retaining a Volusia County traffic attorney is affordable with fees for moving violations starting at $100 for tickets less than 9 mph over the speed limit. The cost of a traffic attorney will not exceed the cost of the ticket for all non-criminal infractions unless serious bodily injury or death occurs. Call 386-451-5112 for a free consultation. For mobile phone users click the call link below to automaticly call attorney Kevin J. Pitts.

Call Volusia County traffic ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts at 386-451-5112 for a free consultation.
Volusia County Speeding Ticket Attorney

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Volusia County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

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